Diwali celebration on Oct 27

by Balkee Balakrishnan - October 26, 2019

Dear parents,

(this is being sent to all families, copy to teachers)

This is Padma.

This mail is for the one in your household who makes tasty sweets/snacks!  Please forward appropriately.

Diwali/Deepavali falls on Sunday Oct.27. We will be celebrating it in the school on the same day, by distributing snacks & sweets to the children.

This has become a tradition of our school.  So I was wondering if you could bring in sweets (for example, kaju burfi, Mysore pak etc.) and salty snacks (Murukku/chakli, ribbon pakora etc.) to share. It would be great if ALL of us can pitch in.

Please make sure that all these are finger foods that we can pack in a Ziploc bag. Please, NO WET ITEMS like gulab jamun, rossogollas, etc.  Child-friendly is the keyword.

One more thing: due to the restriction of some of the families, we are asking that you avoid garlic and onions on the salty snacks.

I am not able to tell you the quantity, but in total I would really like to put five sweets for each child, that’s a total of 700 pieces for all the children.  If there is more, we’ll put more.  As for namkeens, we will put a couple of handfuls, again depending on the quantity available. Each child will get a sweet bag and a salty bag.

Everyone (including me), please respond about what you will be bringing, to Sudha Bommannan who has kindly agreed to coordinate the event, like the last few years! Her address is on the copy-to list of this mail.  Thanks, Sudha!! 🙂  If you can’t make, please consider buying. 

Thank you.

Please watch your mail for additional details and photos from last year, and especially about when to come and which door to use to bring in the snacks.

Thank you.

Warm regards,


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