Special Program for Christmas, Dec 22

by Balkee Balakrishnan - December 21, 2019

Dear parents,

(copies to all teachers)

This is Padma.  As usual, we’ll have a small fun Xmas program this year (the last 20-30 minutes of class) on Dec 22, 2019.

The MANY new families that joined this year are probably not familiar with it.  We hope you’ll participate and enjoy it. 

I will also need as many families as possible to bake 25 eggless cookies per family, preferably with holiday decorations like green frosting, bells, snowflakes, reindeer, sleigh, etc.

We would like to give each child at least 10 cookies.  When possible and appropriate, please encourage your children to bake.

If you cannot bake eggless cookies, you can buy them from stores like Cakewalk, Nanak Bakery & Whole Foods.

Those who were not able to make snacks in the Diwali program, here is your chance to spread the joy and bake cookies for the Xmas program!

Sudha Bommannan has kindly agreed to coordinate the event. Thank you,Sudha!

This is not a request for packing volunteers.  That department is already covered.

Please respond to this survey ASAP but no later than Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

You must mention your child’s registered last name in the survey (with any number suffixes, where applicable)

Thank you very much!

Warm regards,


Dear parents,

This is Padma.

First of all, many thanks to the people that have already volunteered to bake eggless cookies, and to the families that volunteered to pack!

Second, there will not be an assembly.  Please go straight to your respective classes.  Each class can start with the chanting of Sahana Vavatu at 10:02 AM.  Children will be called in to the assembly hall around 10:40.

Third, feel free to wear Christmas colors of Red and Green, sport your Reindeer Antlers, Red Nose, Santa Hat, etc. etc. if you wish.

Fourth, this is one of those few special week when all absent notifications must come in before 10 PM Saturday.

Warm regards,


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