The teaching team is a close knit group of highly committed volunteers! All of them started as parents of enrolled students, but graciously wanted to give back to the program what they got out of it, and more. When they started out, they were not necessarily trained in teaching, but they had the most important ingredient: commitment! The commitment to come week after week, and almost always earlier than the children. Teaching ability seems to follow naturally with experience.

More than half of the current teaching team consist of teachers whose children have graduated and are in college or in the work force! And even better, some children who graduated from Purna Vidya have been regular teachers even during their college/employment!

We have 13 home room teachers that handle the theory /story portion of one class each, 3 sloka teachers that handle the chanting portion of 3 classes each, as well as additional teachers that substitute for home room teachers during their absence.


Class Time & Address

Class Time:

Sunday 10:00 AM to 11:10 AM

Classes Conducted at:

Indian Springs Elementary School, 3828 Home Rd, Powell,
OH 43065.

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You can apply at any time of the year. Each year, applications are processed in July & August for the season starting in September.

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